Your days of relationship struggles will soon be a thing of the past.
Very soon you will be waking up and living a life of epic love. I’ll show you how!

About Me



I am thrilled you are here. My name is Shyma, The Love Healing Coach who is here to help you heal your relationship with yourself by gaining clarity on your energetic signature. 


After this crucial step, I help you attract the forever love from someone else that you deserve!

I would like to focus your attention on what my goal is for you, going forward.


My goal for you is to have an energetic love transformation!


We are going to do this together so that whatever dreams you have pushed to the side, gave to someone else or simply the dreams you didn’t have time for, starts to realize day….by…day.


Knowing what determines your decisions, your emotions, and your beliefs in love is a non-negotiable part of this energetic transformation. 


How do we start this energetic transformation? 


We will use a mixture of Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Human Design, Intuitive Guidance, and the Law of Attraction to help guide you to live a life of LOVE and HAPPINESS. 


This unique set of techniques that I will be sharing and teaching you are those that I have tried and tested – so I KNOW they work!

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